From Soccer to Lost Teeth


Realized today I’ve been lax on posting to Frenchville lately, so I thought I would do a quick update.

Soccer season is finally over. It all came down to a final game between Izzy’s team and Emily’s team. It ended in a tie, 0-0. Emily has gotten really good a soccer and I think she’s looking forward to moving up to the next level next school year. Izzy did well for her first time. Now at the end of the season, she seems to not be afraid of getting into the mix where the ball is. She still needs to learn the position she’s playing and work on focusing on what is going on on the field. The season ended in a party over at one of Emily’s teammates house. They won a contest that had their backyard converted to a miniature Disney water park.

Last week was Halloween. You can really tell that the girls are getting older now. None of their costumes were standard. We had Abby as a devil, Emily as a vampire queen, and Izzy as a witch. The evil trio for sure. With Jennifer’s school schedule it was a little tricky this year, but the girls went around the neighborhood with our excellent neighbor until I got home and took over candy duties from Jennifer so she could go to her class. The candy haul was pretty good this year despite sticking to our small neighborhood. We are still snacking on the candy a week later.

Finally, it was a momentous occasion for Izzy. She lost her first tooth. Frenchville now has covered all first teeth falling out. From Abby to Emily and now Izzy. She was so excited. When she woke up in the morning the Tooth Fairy had brought her the standard $5. She’s still saving up to buy us a swimming pool.

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