Junior Counselor to the Rescue

I started out the week with a couple of days off. My plan for the end of the NCAA Football development cycle was to take three days off once EA Certification had passed us and to take a week off once Microsoft and Sony and passed us. Late last week the former happened and late this week the latter happened. So, I’m taking next week off. It’s much more restful when I know I don’t have to worry about the game. In fact, this is the first time in several weekends where I haven’t had to call someone on the team for one thing or another. It’s nice and peaceful with no e-mails going back and forth.

The week also started out with the demolition of our shower. It has been leaking for quite some time now and we finally settled on a contractor to come in and remove the tile, fix the problem, and put new tile in. It was a lot of work getting the tile and bringing it in, but David’s Tile did an excellent job. It looks great. Our only problem is that he removed the glass and now we are searching for someone to put it back. So, it’s “almost done”.

This week was also Vacation Bible School up at the Methodist church here in Oviedo. The girls attended and this was the first year that Abby wasn’t actually a participant, but a “Junior Counselor”. She watched over a group of kids while they did crafts and other various activities throughout the week. Abby got a complement from one of the mothers who watched how Abby handled one of the rowdy boys in her group. Both Abby and her parents were very proud. She’s growing up too quickly.

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