Happy To Be Six


Today our youngest daughter, Izzy, has turned six. Can’t believe it has been six years and she’s going to be heading to first grade in a few months. The time has flown by. When asked where she wanted to celebrate her birthday she was quick to say Chuck E. Cheese, even though it’s not our favoriate place in the world.

We made the reservation and sent invitations to everyone in her class. The bad thing about The Cheese is that you pay per person and they will charge you for a minimum of 11 kids. Well, early in the week we only had 3 RSVPs for 4 kids (plus our 3 made 7). So, we canceled the Chuck E. Cheese sponsored party and decided to “go rogue”. We still had the party at Chuck E. Cheese, just none of the perks. Izzy liked it anyway and it probably saved us a ton of money.

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