Emily’s 8th Birthday


Can’t believe it, but Emily turned 8 this past Friday. Seems like just yesterday that we were moving to Florida (for the first time) right after she was born. She wanted to spend her birthday going out to eat at Kid Tropolis. Her birthday is always tough to have since it’s right after Christmas. This time the girls still haven’t even gone back to school from Christmas break, but Emily, being the shy girl that she is, just wanted to have a small gathering with family.

Kid Tropolis wasn’t all that great. I would describe it as a Chuck-E-Cheese knock-off. The pizza was actually worse, if that’s possible. We played a few games and tried to digest the food and then headed home so she could open presents and we could eat some cake. Someone must have told everyone she liked soccer, because that was definitely the main theme of all the presents.


Earlier in the day Emily got her ears pierced. Jennifer said she cried for a little bit, but she was all smiles when she showed me her ears once we met up for dinner. It’s going by fast and they are growing up quick, but as Abby told Jennifer the other day, “I’m just going to have to deal with it.”

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