Oct 2007 Disney Camping, Day 1


It took a lot of coordination, but we made it to Disney and setup camp in the dark, which was a first. My boss, Dave Ross, picked me up this morning and gave me a ride into work. This allowed Jennifer to come and pick me up, which is about a quarter of the way to Disney from our house. I had a big managers meeting at 5:00 which I conduct and I warned them that the meeting would be over when my cell phone rang. Almost exactly at 6:00 the phone rang and the meeting was adjourned.

We picked up food from Chick-Ole and ate on the way down there. We got to the campground around 7:30 and the sun had pretty much gone down. We got one of the sites that we liked and pulled in, but it was a little un-level so we got to use one of our leveling blocks for the first time. Since this was our first time using the blocks, our inexperience showed. We forgot to put the rolling blocks down and the camper started rolling. I scrambled around the sides getting the girls out of the way of the rolling camper. Fortunately it only rolled about a foot before it stopped. So, we got it back on the hitch and tried again. This time we remembered the rolling blocks and we set up the rest of the camp. It started to rain right as we finished setting up. Now we are heading off to bed and the girls are off giggling in their bed.

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