New DVD Player


We’ve had our Sequoia for only three years and the button that turns the DVD player on broke. This isn’t too big a deal for myself and Jennifer, but for Abby, Emily, and Isabelle it’s the end of the world. We try not to spoil them and have the TVs on all the time, but if we are getting on the Interstate and going down to the Maitland / Winter Park area (about a 20 minute ride), then we go ahead and indulge them. Well, we decided we needed to go ahead and get it fixed. Realistically, it only needed to get fixed before we go back to Texas in December. Talk about making the trip go a lot smoother. Jennifer got it priced at Sound Advice, a store that specializes in putting in that type of equipment. It’s also the place where I recently bought my HDTV. It actually turned out not to be too much to fix. Just around $200. I was expecting a lot more.

Today was another softball game for myself. We got crushed by a team representing Florida Hospital: 15-2. They went up on us by about 13 runs in the first inning. When you get beat that bad early, it’s hard to come back. I batted fine. I went 1 for 1 with one walk and one run. Our games have been rained out a lot, so this was the first time I had played in about three weeks.

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