Storybook Portraits

I don’t know if I’ve written about this in Frenchville yet, but Jennifer has been working on setting up her own business as a photographer. She got a camera a couple of months ago and has been taking classes at a local art school. In December, she got a loan in order to start purchasing some of the equipment needed in order to start up a photography studio in the house. We moved the girls’ playroom from our front office to upstairs so that she could set up shop in that room. Well, the room has been painted and the equipment is starting to arrive. There’s now a backdrop, a few sets, and now the lighting equipment. The room is definitely starting to look like a photography studio. She’s also been asked to take photographs up at church during our Easter picnic. So, hopefully she can get some clients from that engagement. Expect to hear more news about her new business, Storybook Portraits, in the coming months.

Today’s picture is from Emily’s birthday party: Emily blowing out her candle.

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