Merry Christmas

I hope everyone is having a safe Christmas out there. This was the first time in two years we didn’t drive back to Texas for Christmas. Having visited twice in the last year, we were tired of making the long 16 hour drive and it’s just too expensive for five plane tickets.

The morning started out with Abby coming into our room to inform us that Santa had come and given them gifts. Abby received a Lite Bright Cube. She was very happy and was amazed that Santa had written “To: Abby; From: Santa” and had drawn a picture of himself on side of the cube. Emily received a toy train set, which she just loves controlling the train and rearranging the tracks. Finally, Isabelle received a little car she can ride around on and a grocery cart with fake bread and fruit to push around.

Most of the afternoon was spent cooking for our Christmas dinner. We invited our neighbor Jane and her two sons, Lucas and Connor, over for dinner. Jennifer cooked a spiral ham, mashed potatoes, and rolls. Jane brought over some corn, carrots, and a desert cake. We had dinner and then the kids ran around and had fun.

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