Halloween 2006

The girls came up to work today for some trick-or-treating. On Halloween Tiburon allows everyone’s kids to come up and go from desk to desk and get candy. We traveled around the floor I work on and Madden’s floor and took away a truck load of candy. “The Three Princesses” we very cute running from cubicle to cubicle. Well, it was more like Abby and Emily running and Isabelle bringing up the rear.

After work we headed home for some trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Since we had such a haul at my work, Jennifer only took the girls to a few houses while I stayed at home and handed out candy. After they were done, Abby and Emily were excited to help me pass out the candy. There wasn’t a very big turn out in our neighborhood. We only had about a dozen people come to the door for candy.

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