Texas Trip 2006, Day 12

This morning we all headed to church to see Kinley baptized. It was at the 8:30 service, so the attendance was a little thin, but that really didn’t matter. We all sat at the front of the church while Christina and Mike stood up with Kinley while the Dr. Pennington baptized her. The ceremony went fine.

In the evening, Jennifer and I met George and Heather at Fogo de Chão, a South American restaurant. The best way to describe the restaurant is a parade of meat. It starts with a giant salad bar and then you head back to your table. There’s a disc on your table and if you leave it on the green side the people walking around with meat will stop at your table and offer you some. If you leave the disc on the red side, they will not bother you. It was a unique experience trying all different cuts of meat and it all tasted very, very good.

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