Texas Trip 2006, Day 8

Today we packed up everything and finally headed into Texas: Lindale, Texas, to be exact. Where I went to high school and where my grandparents live. My Aunt Marci was there and my parents followed us in their car. Once there, we celebrated Isabelle’s first birthday. We had a big lunch, opened presents, and then dug into the bear cake.

One of the bonuses to a trip back to Texas is you get to go to all the restaurants that we miss now that we live in Florida. One of the places I was really looking forward to was Rudy’s Bar-B-Q. They have several of these back in Austin and they happen to have one in Tyler. However, fortune was not with us. A lightning strike closed down the restaurant, so we had to settle for another Bar-B-Q place.

After dinner we headed down to the park in Hide-a-Way Lake. The girls had fun on the merry-go-round and a big slide. We got a pretty good laugh because when Emily went down the slide, she would build up a lot of static electricity and all of her hair would stand straight up.

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