Mobile, Alabama: Most Inconsiderate Town in America

We headed out for home this morning. We did well only stopping twice: for breakfast and for lunch. This is pretty good with three girls in tow. The key is to stop for breakfast about an hour out from where you start.

Our mid-way point for the trip has always been Mobile, Alabama. Our problems started once we got to the hotel. I was waiting in line to check-in to the hotel, the kids jumping around me in a circle. There were two clerks and two people being helped. I couldn’t believe it, but it took ten minutes for those other people to be helped. There were also two people waiting behind me. I stepped up to the next available clerk when the phone rang and she picked up the phone. Right then the guy behind me jumps to the other clerk before I could move over to her. Then the same thing happened again with the other person behind me. Meanwhile the lady at the desk kept answering one phone call after another. It pissed me off pretty bad.

Second, we decided to take the girls to Chuck E. Cheese to expend some of that energy which had been building up. Big mistake. It’s Saturday night. The place was thick with people. Jennifer waited in line with Isabelle to order our pizza. Even though Isabelle was crying, people three or four ladies cut in front of her while she was trying to order.

Finally, back at the hotel, one final straw. When we stopped here on our way to Houston, I accidentally left my Xbox 360 DVD Remote control in the room. We called about four times while we were in Houston and finally someone found it. They said that they would hold it for us until we came back through. Well, we are back through and they can’t find it. We told them about it at 4:00 and now at 8:00 they say that the manager has gone home and has the key to the “lost and found” closet. How idiotic is that? So, with those incidents, I’ve dubbed Mobile, Alabama “The Most Inconsiderate Town in America”.

It’s sad that I have to have such a negative entry on Emily’s birthday. I want to wish Emily a happy 3rd birthday. It’s gone by so fast.