Tournament of Roses Tour, Day 6

Why couldn’t the Rose Parade have been today? It was nice and sunny so we decided to go view the floats up close. We skipped it yesterday because of the rain. So, we walked quite a distance down to a Park N’ Ride for the post parade viewing of the floats and rode a bus to where the floats were. It was nice seeing the floats up close. They weren’t in as bad shape as I thought they would be, but you could still see quite a bit of rain damage.

In the evening we rode with the six elderly University of Texas nurses, who we met on our first day at the hotel, to the Longhorn Bash. It was a gathering of 7,000 Longhorn fans in Los Angeles at the Century Plaza Hotel. There was beer, BBQ, and bands playing music. Bevo and the cheerleaders showed up and lead Texas cheers with the whole group. Jennifer said that she’d never seen such a sea of orange.

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