What Are We Going to Do?

Abby has been acting like a wild child lately. She’s been really hyper and jumping around and talking constantly. It’s like she’s hopped up on sugar, but she isn’t (we hope). Yesterday she wrapped a ribbon tape measure around one of our lamps and pull it off the side table, making it shatter on the ground. Today while I was watching her she couldn’t sit still for a minute.

Meanwhile, Emily has been the angel. She’s been cracking us up with what she does. Today she pointed at a picture of Santa Claus and said, “Ho Ho Ho”. I was like, okay, Christmas was two months ago, how do you know that now and not back then? She also has two very funny expressions that crack us up, and thus she continues to do them. She’ll go “Hummm” and have her fist balled up against her cheek with a poutty look on her face. The other one is she’ll put both hands on her cheeks and go, “What are we going to do?” Both very funny.

Jennifer has started peeling the wallpaper down out of our bathroom. The previous owners did a horrible job wall papering and we’ve always hated it. She finally could stand it no longer and started peeling. We’ve been toying with the idea of getting the house painted because my Employee Stock Purchase Plan money is about to arrive. I also like making the joke that Jennifer is “nesting” because she’s pregnant. So far with every child, she’s done some sort of house remodeling while pregnant.

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