Olivia: Ultimate Survivor

Today we went over to the Carbone’s and watched the finale of Survivor. We had a great time, but poor Olivia, their daughter, had to play host to our two heathens. I’m sure they ran circles around her and all she could do is stand back and pray that all her toys would end up in one piece. Thanks Olivia for being such a good sport. Abby said that she had a good time while I was carrying her out to the car. Of course the two were dead asleep before we left their subdivision.

This season’s Survivor was good, but the finale was pretty predicable. Going into it we pretty much said that all Chris had to do was win immunity on the last two challenges and then take Twila to the final two and he would win a million dollars. That’s exactly what happened tonight. It was good that the show was very predictable because I didn’t have to worry about missing too much while I was checking out the girls to make sure they hadn’t killed Olivia.

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