Runaway Jury

We didn’t do much today. We started out with a trip to Peach Valley Cafe for breakfast and then came back to the house and did chores. It’s finally turned cooler here in Florida. High temperatures only got up into the 60’s today. All last week we were in the 80’s.

This evening Jennifer and I watched the film Runaway Jury. This movie was on my Netflix list because while developing Madden 2005 I heard that they had a reference to our game, actually The Madden Challenge, in the movie. That aside, the movie was very good. John Cusack plays a juror on a ground breaking case against a giant gun manufacturer. I turns out that he wanted to get onto this jury so that he could influence it either way to the highest bidder. Both Jennifer and I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and recommend it.

Only six more days until we leave on our big Christmas trip back to Texas.

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  1. …and Shreveport, Louisiana, which is part of the “Ark-La-Tex” and is therefore very close to: Texas. 🙂


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