Longhorns & Astros Win

Today we didn’t do much that was out of the ordinary. We went to our usual Saturday morning breakfast. Abby went to one of the neighbor’s 2nd birthday party. Emily wasn’t feeling too good so she and I stayed at home and watched the Longhorns and Astros.

The Longhorns were victorious today over Missouri 28-20. Overall I didn’t think they looked all that great. Their passing game was horrid, with Vince Young throwing two interceptions. Perhaps I’m still bitter over the loss to OU.

The Astros were also victorious over the Cardinals 5-2, but the Cardinals are still winning the series 2-1. Clemens pitched a great game all the way into the seventh inning, which is where the Astros pitching was failing in the last two games. Beltran is awesome. He has had at least one home run in every game against the Cardinals. Hopefully the Astros will be able to sweep the Cardinals at home and then win one more in St. Louis to go to the World Series.

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