Mickey’s Not So Scarry Halloween Party

Today we went and toured the RDV Sportsplex for a new place to go work out. Tiburon is moving to a new building in December which is directly across the street from the place where the Orlando Magic train. This gave them an opportunity to bring their gym up to the level of other EA studios. Currently Tiburon subsidizes our YMCA membership, but this will end once the deal with the RDV starts. It looks like we are going to cancel our YMCA membership and I’m going to join the RDV by myself since it is going to be pretty expensive for the kids to join.

Tonight was our trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. The kids get to dress up in their costumes, ride the rides, get candy, and watch some fireworks. This year Abby was a Rose Princess and Emily was a Mermaid Princess. The weather turned out to be great as it is starting to turn cooler. The fireworks show was amazing as we had a good spot right in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Abby and Emily both had fun, but the evening was pretty much a bunch of errors for the parents. First we got a quarter of the way to Disney World and we realized we forgot the tickets, so we had to turn around during rush hour traffic and go back and get them. The kids got tired of wearing their costumes and we brought Emily’s clothes, but we didn’t bring any for Abby, so we had to buy a T-shirt and shorts from the gift shop for Abby. Then, I forgot to put the kids’ juice in the ice chest, so this led to buying some juice in the park which ended up spilled in the bottom of the stroller, getting everything wet. Besides all that, overall it was a great night. Emily passed out in Jennifer’s arms around 10:00 so we started taking turns riding some rides with Abby and then headed home around 11:00.

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