Preparing for Jeanne

The day started off with our weekly visit to Peach Valley Cafe for breakfast and then I was off to softball practice. Since both Tiburon softball teams lost last week, everyone thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and have another practice this morning. I was able to get some more batting and fielding practice, so I thought it was good to go ahead and go out. We had about thirteen people show up, which is about half of the people who are on the softball teams.

The afternoon was used to prepare for hurricane Jeanne. My preparation consists of bringing in the grill, garden hose, and wheel barrow and placing them in the garage. It’s been cloudy with occasional sprinkles all day. We are supposed to start feeling the effects of the hurricane tonight around 2:00 in the morning with the eye of the storm getting to us around noon tomorrow. I will report tomorrow on how we faired in the storm.

Just finished watching Texas pretty much roll all over Rice tonight 35-13. Wasn’t really a good match up. Next week is Baylor and then the following weekend, or wedding anniversary, Texas plays Oklahoma. Can Texas beat OU for the first time since the day that we were married?

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