First Softball Game

Today was our first softball game with the league that I play with through work. This was the first time I played in four years since playing with Atomic Games. We didn’t up winning, but it was a very good game. We lost 13-11. We were down 8-0 after one and a half innings. During the bottom of the second I had a good hit to kick off our two out rally and we came back and tied it up 8-8. In the third we went up 10-8, but they had a rally in the fifth inning which put them up 13-8. We tried to come back in the sixth and seventh innings, but it wasn’t enough. I played second base and I help turn a good 6-4-3 double play during the sixth inning.

Tonight was the season premiere of CSI: NY. I’m a big fan of the original CSI. I tried watching CSI: Miami, but after a while I just couldn’t stand David Caruso’s character. I used to like him when he was on NYPD Blue, but his character just didn’t have any depth. Anyway, CSI: NY was okay. I really love Gary Sinise as an actor ever since he was in Stephen King’s The Stand and, of coarse, Forest Gump. Hopefully the show will pan out. I thought tonight’s episode was a little slow.

Tonight’s picture is of Abby and Emily giving each other a hug. Just heard today that Hurricane Jeanne might actually be heading our way this weekend. I will keep everyone updated.

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