Joining the YMCA

Yesterday we joined the YMCA again. Jennifer has been desperately been seeking something for her and the kids to do on the days that Abby doesn’t go to school. Her plan is to go work out at “the Y” while the kids play in the nursery. I was hoping to get a little more in shape so that when I go play flag football at work, I won’t be hobbling home.

That afternoon we went swimming at the YMCA’s pool. It’s amazing how much Emily loves the water. Meanwhile her older sister was screaming her head off when we removed her floating vest. We’ve always had a feeling that Emily would take to the water because in the bath tub she loves putting her head underwater, with today’s picture as evidence.

Emily is starting to understand us more and more. Today I asked her if she needed her diaper changed and she ran into her room, climbed up on her changing table and laid down waiting for me to change her. It was a little scary.

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