Madison Visits

Our friends, Tim and Leslie, who have been without power since the storm, found out that their power won’t be restored until Thursday. Because of this, they decided to go to a hotel and we offered to watch their dog, Madison. The girls have enjoyed having the dog at the house. Emily has been pretty funny around her. When Madison barks, Emily puts her finger up to her lips and says, “shush”.

Abby’s school was canceled again today because there’s still power outages in our county. Because of this, Jennifer and the kids had to once again get out of the house and go to lunch at “Burger Cheese”, also known as McDonalds, so that they could run around and get some of the energy out of their systems.

Today’s picture is of one of the trees on our street which got knocked down during the hurricane. This one was amazing because the tree trunk snapped.

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