Mickey’s Water with Aunt Marci

Today we left Emily at a friend’s house and Jennifer, Marci, Abby, and myself went to Blizzard Beach, also known as “Mickey’s Water” to Abby. We all had fun and are very tired from being there all day. The only place I got sun burned was the tops of my feet. Of all the places to forget to put sun screen. Abby did a very good job waiting in line. For anyone who knows her, she usually isn’t very good standing still for long periods of time. We were waiting in a very long line for a giant slide in a family sized inner tube, when the ride broke down right as we were about to get on. Abby was a trooper and waited diligently. Before long we were sailing down the giant slide. Today’s picture was taken at the end of that ride by the people in the park waiting to snap your picture.

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