NFL Free Agent Once Again

What is Ricky Williams thinking? I figured I had several more years as a Dolphins fan before I would be moving on to another player from the University of Texas. However, Ricky dropped a bombshell on the NFL today by announcing his retirement. As a result, I am once again an NFL team free agent. For those of you who do not know the reason behind me being a Miami Dolphins fan, the only reason is Ricky Williams. Originally, I was a Houston Oilers fan. I grew up in Houston and we would go to games in the Astrodome back in the “Love ‘Ya Blue” days of Earl Campbell and Dan Pastorini. Well, in 1997 the Oilers picked up shop and moved to Tennessee to eventually become the Titans. From that point I became an NFL team free agent. I went back to my University of Texas roots and followed a player up from the team to start their NFL career. It happened that that player was Ricky Williams. I had season tickets the year he broke the single season college rushing record and saw him break it on the last game of the season against Texas A&M. The idea was that I would follow a UT alumni for their NFL career and then, when they retired, I would go back to UT and follow another kid as they left UT and entered the NFL draft. To my surprise that is going to start all over again today only five short years since it began with Ricky Williams. So, for this year I will have no NFL team that I will root for. I will be watching UT games with more attention trying to pick out the player I will follow next. I contemplated becoming a Detroit Lions fan and following Roy Williams who just graduated last year, but I like taking a year off. Today’s picture is from a preseason game that I went to in Jacksonville to see the Dolphins play.

On family related news, Aunt Marci made into town fine. We picked her up from the airport today and I showed her where I worked. She was impressed with Tiburon’s building. She stated that it must be a fun place to work.

The water extraction guys came back to take a look at how well the floor and walls are drying. They are still a little damp and the fans are still here blowing away. The Chinese water torture continues.

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