Leaky Air Conditioner

Found out today that our air conditioner is leaking water into the house. I was walking through the kitchen and all of a sudden I heard, “squish, squish, squish”. Our first thought was the fridge, but we pulled it back and it was dry. We opened up the air conditioner and condensation was everywhere. It’s dripped down and is now underneath the hardwood floor in the kitchen. We went and got a fan from Home Depot and it’s blowing on it trying to get it as dry as possible. We called the insurance company and they got us in contact with an air conditioning company and a water extraction company. Both are coming tomorrow.

I’m amazed how fast Emily is growing up. We were outside hanging out with our neighbors and Emily hopped right up on one of the neighbor kid’s tricycle and just started pedaling. Her small legs didn’t quite reach the pedals so she pretty much went forward then backward. I was amazed that she knew that the pedals was how you made the tricycle go forward. She’s also amazed us lately because she’s such a neat freak. She picks up everything. Everyday last week when Jennifer went to pick her up from Vacation Bible School, she would pick up all the toys that she was playing with and put them back where she got them. She’s always picking up after herself. We need her to teach her older sister. Today’s picture is from the Texas trip. Emily is playing goalie during a soccer game between her and Abby.

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