College Reunion

The Internet is amazing. I had a first today. My old college roommate, Mike Barnes, discovered Frenchville and wrote me an e-mail. He’s doing well and finally graduated from college with an accounting degree and is currently living in Dallas. After our second year at U.T., college life wasn’t cutting it and he decided to move back to Oklahoma. I heard from him a couple of times after that and then never heard from him again until today. I e-mailed him back and I hope to hear back from him to find out what he’s been up to for the past ten years.

We are very close to having Madden out of our hands finally. I left work at midnight and we are “on call” through the weekend. Hopefully QA won’t find any major problems in the next two days (knock on wood).

While I was sleeping this morning, Jennifer and the girls went over to the Cowans’ to swim in the swimming pool. Jennifer was impressed that two hours of swimming equaled four hours of nap time after lunch. That fueled the swimming pool talks once again. I looks like Jennifer is more interested in more furniture than a swimming pool. I have to admit, on these hot Florida days, it would be pretty nice to just be floating out in the pool.

Today’s picture is from the family reunion on my mom’s side of the family last week. It’s a picture of Poppy, Jill, and Emily. This was actually the first time Jill had seen her niece since she was born. She moved to El Paso and we moved to Orlando before we could ever meet up again.

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