I’ve finally gotten home earlier than any time this past week and I finally have time to write something. Hopefully now that it’s starting to slow down at work, I will have more time to write. We went “Beta” with Madden 2005 last Friday. At this point, we only fix major bugs that are sent to us from our QA department and each day we have to get back down to zero bugs.

Since the reunion, Jennifer, Abby, and Emily returned to Houston and have been there all week. Tomorrow they fly back to Orlando. I can’t wait to see them again. Hopefully work will have slowed down enough so that I can spend more time with them.  Jennifer reported that Emily now knows how to jump out of her crib, so it might be time to get her into a regular bed. We will have to see what she does in her own crib when she gets home.

I would like to wish my dad a happy Father’s Day. I hope he had fun playing with the girls last week. They sent me a calendar with pictures of what the girls did while they were there. I’ve included one of them as today’s picture of the day.

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