The Exchange

Nana and Poppy met Jennifer, Abby, and Emily at a McDonalds in Lufkin, Texas Sunday so that the girls could go visit with their grandparents for a week. Jennifer said that the meeting started off right because Nana and Poppy brought the girls toys to preoccupy them.

Once Jennifer got back to her parents’ house, she didn’t know what to do with her self. It’s taking her a little bit to get used to not having Abby and Emily under foot.

Once Abby and Emily got to Shreveport, they went and bought a new swimming pool and went swimming. Yesterday they went bike riding and playing at a playground down the street. There, Abby got stung by a wasp. Dad said that she didn’t cry much.

I’m going to set my dad up with a way to send me pictures so hopefully we will get some fresh pictures from the trip soon. For now, here’s another picture from last Christmas when we all went to Disney World.

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