Busy Sunday

While Saturday wasn’t very busy, Sunday went by really quick because we had so much to do today.

Ever since we bought the bike buggy, I haven’t been able to park in the garage. So, today we rearranged some items in order to be able to pull my truck in. The Halloween and Christmas decorations finally made it up into the attic.

We also finally got around to going through all of our files and shredding everything from 2002. This is something I usually do in January, but with the move into the new house I never got the chance. We also used this as an opportunity to clean the upstairs office. Especially since George is going to be coming to visit in a couple of weeks and this will be my last full weekend until the end of June because I will be busy at work.

I wanted to reclaim that room for my own. I moved the TiVo that was in the kids’ playroom up there and have it recording my programs only. I now have my laptop docked up there and I’m going to try and start using the upstairs room as my office. It’s pretty hard to use it when the kids are up because they find me and then they terrorize all the books that are up on the shelves, which means that I cannot get anything done because I’m constantly tracking them down.

I thought I would post a picture from the Super Bowl. I never posted any of the pictures up on the web site back in February.

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