Turning a House into a Home

While I’ve been busy trying to finish out Madden NFL 11, Jennifer has been busy at painting the house. She has started with the entry room and is now moving on to the kitchen. We decided to move the dining room into the larger area closer to the patio. It gives us more room in the dining room, for when we use it. Eventually we will hire a electrician to put in a chandelier there and we need to now figure out what we are going to do with the space that was voided by the dining room furniture.

It’s amazing how much a little bit of paint will help a house feel more “homey”. The house we bought last year had just the basics when it came to paint and fixtures. We had to put in all new mini-blinds and ceiling fans when we moved in. All the walls were painting a plain old builder’s-grade white. Now the house looks like someone actually lives in it now. Slowly we are transforming the house into our home. We are really loving our new house here in Oviedo.

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