Injury Prone Izzy


Yesterday Izzy jumped off a neighbor’s swing set and came home crying. She hurt her foot. It looked swollen, but after the initial shock of the injury, she appeared to be okay. Because it hurt to walk on, she was crawling around and insisted to be carried around. It didn’t appear to be an emergency, so Jennifer waited and took her to the Centra Care this morning. It turned out she didn’t break it. In fact the doctor said it’s very rare for kids her age to break a foot because their feet are still growing and most of their foot is cartilage and thus a lot of cushioning. Anyway, she appears to have sprained her foot. She was up and walking around today instead of crawling, so I guess it’s getting better. We’ve been lucky so far. No major injuries with any of our kids (if you don’t count when Izzy had to go in for stitches).

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