Oct 2007 Disney Camping, Day 4


Today we continued the use of our Seasonal Passes with a trip to Epcot and again we wanted to hit the areas we hadn’t been. We got to the park at 10:30 and headed straight for Soarin’ to get a Fast Pass. This ride is by far the most popular ride in the park and each time we’ve tried to go on it’s either sold out or a two hour wait. Even though we got our passes at 10:30 our tickets weren’t good until 3:00. It was worth the wait. It’s another ride film, but in this case you are lifted up into the air and are suspended right in front of the screen. The film has you gliding over various terrain while the screen is wrapped around you. Very good.

We only went to three buildings in the park in our 7 hours there. The Living Seas, which is a giant aquarium, but has been revamped with a new ride featuring Nemo. The Land, which is where we went to Soarin’ and a few other rides about the Earth. Finally, we went to Imagination! where we saw Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, a 3D film. We can’t believe we only saw those three things in seven hours.

It started raining so we headed back to camp for dinner and bed.

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