Back to the Daily Grind

We made it home all in one piece. Sunday was spent cleaning all the stuff that needs to go back into the camper. We packed up in the morning, so there was still dew on the camper. Because of this, when we get home, we have to open it back up in the drive way and let the sun dry it the rest of the way before we pack it up and take it back to storage. So, we did that and I had to get the lawn mowed.

Today it was back to work for me. Jennifer picked up Austin, who we left at the kennel while we were camping. Jennifer also went and got her hair done. She goes to a hair stylist at the RDV Sportsplex, a private gym across the street from where I work. She likes it because she can drop the kids off at the kids gym across the hall for a couple of hours while she’s at the hair stylist. It would be great to take them there more often, but memberships to the RDV are too expensive. EA offers subsidized memberships for me and Jennifer, but they don’t for the kids. Not sure why when there’s more and more people with families working at EA. Hopefully they will change that one of these days.

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