Guitar Hero II (PS2)

I was such a fan of the first Guitar Hero, I just had to get this. However, Activision announced that this game is also going to be coming out for the Xbox 360, but not until 2007. So, a big problem. Do I go ahead and get Guitar Hero II now for the PS2 or do I wait for the Xbox 360, which will have songs available to purchase in the Xbox Live Marketplace. The compromise was to put it on my Christmas List and if I got it for Christmas, then bonus, otherwise I would wait until it came out for the Xbox 360. Well, my parents got the game for me and it’s pretty good. I was able to pick up the game and get back it to it easily. It only took me a couple of hours to complete the game on the medium difficulty level. Now, I’m going back through and trying to complete it on the hard level.


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