Texas Beats OU

Texas stepped up once again this year to take out OU 28-10. I was pretty worried at half time. Texas wasn’t looking very good in the first half and OU was winning 10-7. Mack Brown must have said something good at half time because Texas came back out like a new team.

Is it me or is the instant replay in college football this year the most annoying thing ever. It seems like every play is being reviewed. It slows down the game. Just let the kids play the game. There were a few controversial decisions in the game. Is Bob Stoops going to complain about this game as well and get these refs fired too? College football needs to go back to the old way or at least do it the same as NFL: two coach challenges and booth challenges in the last two minutes.

I used to change Frenchville orange, but the theme that I have doesn’t support that all that easily, so I’m going to be changing the header to a Texas logo for a win.

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