Meeting Abby’s Elementary School Teacher

Tonight we went to Abby’s new Elementary school to meet her Kindergarten teacher. She seems really nice and well suited to teach Kindergarten. Her presentation was all over the place and she was easily distracted by other topics that came up. She seems to love her job, getting excited at just the thought of seeing our children reading to the class. My first impression of the school: big. Abby is going to be expected to get off the bus and walk all the way across the campus to her room all on her own. There will be people to help the kids the first couple of weeks. However, Jennifer and I are still scared to death that she’s going to get lost and break down into a puddle of tears. Tomorrow, we head out with Abby to her class room. We are also thinking of taking her up this weekend and letting her walk from where the bus is going to drop her off to her class room.

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