Crazy Neighbor Update

One of the questions I get most often lately is, “What ever happened to your crazy neighbor?” Well, right before we went on our Texas Trip at the end May, a rental moving van appeared at his house. He moved away and we haven’t heard from him since. Jennifer has been checking to see if his house has sold and it hasn’t, but we still haven’t seen him.

We had a hearing next week in front of a judge about a restraining order we had petitioned to have against him. But, since we had’t seen him in about eight weeks, we figured there was no way the judge was going to go through with the restraining order. So, we canceled it.

My car is now fixed. We had to pay our $500 deductible, but our State Farm agent says that we may get that back if they end up suing him for the money. I never posted any pictures of the damage, so I thought I would post one showing the damage to the back of my car. You can also see the wine poured on the car as well.

So, it’s pretty much over and done with. Once his house sells, there will be no way he can even get into our neighborhood. We hope every day that his house sells soon.

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