Most Inconsiderate Town in America, Part II

So, our dealings with Mobile, Alabama haven’t ended. We got our credit card statement last month and the hotel we stayed in over charged us for our one night stay. Instead of charging us around $130 they charged us over $300. Jennifer called a couple of weeks ago and spoke to the manager of the hotel. We thought everything had been taken care of and we would be getting a credit back on our credit card. Several weeks later and no credit. So, Jennifer tried another round of calls trying to get a hold of the manager. No dice. The furthest she could get was leaving a voice message, which he didn’t return. When Jennifer told the receptionist at the hotel that she was just going to have to go through our credit card company, she said “sounds like a good idea”. Fine. You can not only guarantee we will not be staying in your hotel, but in any hotel in Mobile, Alabama.

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