Only with the Roof is it over Nine Feet

We ventured out to church on Sunday with all three girls in tow. We had ulterior motives, though. We met with one of our friends at church who is a lawyer to talk about what our options are with the play gym. It wasn’t good news. Because the Home Owners Association has the stipulation in their bylaws of approving or denying all claims, they can pretty much dictate whether something goes up or not without much reason why. So, our current plan is to go ahead and put the play gym back up sans the roof. Without the roof, the play gym is 9 feet tall and thus meets the original requirements. If our other application is approved or if our neighbors move away, we will put the roof back on.

Our fence started going in today as well. Jennifer also went to Home Depot and bought the plants we are going to use as the privacy hedge between our house and the neighbors in question. We also got a quote on hiring some guys to bring the sand and use wheel barrows to hand carry it back and level it in the sand box. However, they are back logged and that cannot start for another two weeks. So, things are looking better in the back yard, but we are still two to three weeks out before the girls will be back in their play gym. The sooner the better. The natives are getting restless.

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