Abby Sings Her Heart Out

It was a rough day at work trying to get our E3 presentation together. We pulled an all nighter and I didn’t head home until 10:30 this morning, but it’s done and on it’s way to Los Angeles. E3 starts tomorrow and hopefully we will start getting some press this week.

I slept the afternoon away and then headed out to Abby’s preschool graduation ceremony. She doesn’t graduate this year, but she was singing along with the other kids in her class. She didn’t have a meltdown as she has in the past, because we now make sure and let her know we will be in the audience and make a point of waving to her so she knows we are there. As you can see from the video, when she wants to sing, she really puts all of her heart into it. If you are having trouble picking her out, she’s in the lower right hand corner.

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