A New Football Era

A new football era for myself has begun. The Ricky Williams era has ended and it’s the beginning of the Derek Johnson era and with the NFL Draft yesterday, my new team was revealed. As the 15th pick in the first round Derek Johnson went to the Kansas City Chiefs, which will be my new football team. Here’s some back history, for those who don’t know. My original football team was the Houston Oilers, but when they left for Tennessee that left me with no team. I went back to my alma mater, Texas, and an up and coming star, Ricky Williams, who was on the verge of graduating. I followed him from Texas to New Orleans and finally to Miami, where he quit last year. So, last year I went back to Texas to follow another up and coming star. I actually had two choices: Cedric Benson or Derek Johnson. I chose Johnson for a couple of reasons. I’ve been watching him for a while as a great linebacker. Even as a freshman I remember him being in attacking every play. At Texas he wore #11 which was Major Applewhite’s and Ricky Williams’s numbers while they were at Texas. Finally, I didn’t want to follow another running back. So, this brings us to the Kansas City Chiefs. Go Chiefs!

Hopefully everyone saw the Madden NFL Next Gen commercial during the draft. If you didn’t, you can find it at this link.