Welcome to Austin

We’ve been pretty home sick lately. So, we’ve decided to bring Austin to us. Introducing the newest member of the French household: Austin the Beagle puppy! We wanted to bring a little bit of the stuff we missed back from Texas, so we decided to go out and find a new dog. We left our last two beagles at Jennifer’s parents’ house before we left for Orlando two years ago. Since the new baby is looking like a girl, we decided to make the dog a boy so that I wouldn’t be the only male in the house. We drove to Leesburg this morning and picked out Austin out of a group of four puppies. He was the one that came up to us and rolled on the ground right in front of me. Abby and Emily are loving Austin. They always are playing with him. Abby keeps saying, “He likes me!” Hopefully in a couple of weeks we can get him to chase the girls around the house.

Once we picked out Austin, we headed to the beach. First day away from home, and we were taking the dog to the beach. We got there and the beach has been pretty decimated due to the three hurricanes which hit us about six months ago. It was a little too cold to get into the water, so we played in the sand and flew our kite.

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