Abby’s Tummy Problems

It’s been another busy week at work and next week is the last week of our second milestone, so it will probably be even busier. Abby hasn’t been feeling well this weekend. Her throat has been sore and we took her to the doctor on Friday, but they said it wasn’t Strep Throat. However, she’s been very weepy all weekend and she keeps saying that “her tummy tells her she isn’t hungry.”

We finally found a Mongolian BBQ restaurant and went there today. It was closer into town, near downtown, and took us a while to get there. We might start going there after church on Sunday since it would be closer going from there. It was pretty good and I thought it was comparable to the one we used to go to in Houston.

Today’s picture is from when we went to the Houston Zoo. The girls had fun riding the merry-go-round which had different animals to ride.

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