Abby the Fish

Abby has been asking for a pet lately. We knew we couldn’t get a dog because we would have to build a fence in our backyard. Both Jennifer and I are allergic to cats. So, we settled on some fish. We told this to Abby and now for the past few weeks that’s all we’ve been hearing from her. How she would “really like a pet fish”. So, we decided to go get a fish tank with the money the girls got for Christmas. We got a small five gallon and put it in the kitchen. I asked Abby what she wanted to name her fish and she said, “Abby”. I said, “That will be confusing.” “Nope. I want my fish named Abby,” she replied. So hopefully, we will be getting “Abby the fish” on Monday.

Today’s picture is of Abby helping Grandpa pain a shelf. Yes, she’s wearing a plastic bag over her clothes.

2 thoughts on “Abby the Fish

  1. I agree with you. I believe it will be confusing. Please enforce a “must be different” naming policy with all pets. Maybe her middle name will work.


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