Longhorns Dominate Aggies Once Again

This morning we went to breakfast instead of doing in on Saturday because we needed to get an early start so we could get the Sequoia to the Toyota dealership at 9:00. We figured if we planned to going to breakfast, we would be ready to get the truck in as early as possible so we could get it back on the same day. After noon, we got a call that the truck was ready and we went and picked it up. The scratches on the side are now totally gone. You cannot tell that there was even any damage.

The Longhorns rolled the Aggies today 26-13 in what ended up being a pretty wild game. Twice the Longhorns crossed the plane of the end zone and the referees didn’t call it a touchdown. One of these ended in a Vince Young fumble which the Aggies ran all the way back in the opposite direction for a touchdown. There was also an incident where a missed Longhorn extra point was advanced by the Aggies, but they ended up getting tackled in their own end zone for a 1 point safety. Everyone, including the announcers, were pretty much baffled on what was going on. But, once again the defense stepped up shutting out the Aggies in the second half. Now it’s a waiting game to find out if the 10-1 Longhorns will even make a BCS game. Last year they had the same record and were #5 in the BCS rankings and didn’t make it into a BCS game, because of how certain conference champions have automatic bids into the BCS. I know Tom is probably grumbling while reading this because his 11-0 Utes are in the same position.