Rearrange the House Day

I was awaken this morning to scratching in the ceiling above my head. Frances’s winds were still blowing and with each gust there was more scratching. It turns out a squirrel had taken refuge in the ceiling of our bedroom. Once the winds calmed down the scratching stopped. Jennifer later went outside and discovered that there might be a crease in the roof line where a small critter might be able to get in. Next weekend, or sooner if I hear more scratching, I plan to check it out by climbing up into the attic.

Today was rearrange the house day. Before the hurricane I had decided to move the TV and a few other things away from the window in our upstairs family room. Since everything was already moved around, we decided to go with another look and pull the futon away from the stair railing and the TV between the two big bookcases. Tomorrow they are starting work on our floor so we moved all the stuff in the girls’ play room either into Abby’s room or the garage. We also moved the kitchen table into the garage and a few other items into our bedroom.

We walked around the neighborhood and surveyed some of the damage from Frances after dinner. It was much more tame than Charlie. There were a ton of downed branches, but we only saw one downed tree. Today’s picture is of the small tree outside our house. Several of the branches on the left side of the tree are broken and crushed. It makes it look pretty bare on the left side now.

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