Still Waiting for Frances

Slowest hurricane ever. We are still waiting for the hurricane to get here. Frances was obviously waiting so that I could get to watch the Texas Longhorns destroy the North Texas Mean Green 65-0. I’ve started a tradition for Frenchville: when the Longhorns win, the web page background will be burnt orange.

We spent the whole day inside while Frances stalled off the coast of Florida. It’s just now starting to head towards us. It will probably hit us while we sleep tonight. The storm is so slow moving we will probably have rain and strong winds all day tomorrow. I will update tomorrow night with what happened. The girls have been going crazy running around and teasing one another. Since the storm will be hitting tonight, we are going to all sleep in Abby’s room. Emily and Abby are in there right now sleeping. It only took them about an hour to go to bed. All we heard for the past hour was giggling coming from Abby’s room.

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