Surveying the Damage

Once the sun came up today it gave us a better picture of what type of damage Hurricane Charlie had done to the area. In our yard, there was just a couple of downed tree limbs, nothing much. We had a pretty pathetic pile of branches compared to some of our neighbors. Up the street, a giant oak tree had come crashing down, laying across a neighbor’s yard. As it got closer to lunch time, the girls were bouncing off of the walls so we decided to go to Chic-fil-a so that they could play. On our way we drove through our neighborhood to see if there was any more damage. In a couple of areas, trees had falling into the screened in porches that everyone has around their pools. We saw a couple of more downed trees, but it looks like most everyone was fortunate that none of the big trees hit their house. The lake near our house had a ton of dead wood trees in it, the hurricane ripped those apart and the lake is now filled stumps.

We found out that our friends that live in another part of our neighborhood had been without power since the hurricane hit last night. Talking to other people we found out that a majority of our county was without power and we consider ourselves lucky that we were only without power for 15 minutes. For some reason around 10:00 this morning, our phone line and Internet connection went dead. It’s been down all day and just got restored.

Hurricane Charles was one to remember. Today’s picture is another one of Charlie as it approached us. We are just glad it grew so much weaker before it hit us. May we be so lucky next time.

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