Rainy Saturday

Well, not much has happened over the past few days. Abby went to her second day of pre-school yesterday. Today’s picture is of Abby in her classroom when we took her on the first day. They are learning the alphabet and she made a picture of an ant yesterday. She will tell you that, “‘A’ is for ant; ‘A’ is for apple; and ‘A’ is for Abby”.

We went out to breakfast this morning at the Peach Valley Cafe, which is a rarity because the girls can’t sit still for more than a couple of minutes. However, they did very well this morning and we tried our best to entertain them while they cooked our food. The food was good and it was even better since the girls behaved themselves.

The rest of the day was pretty boring since it rained all day. Jennifer ventured out still in search of a contractor to fix our warped floor. There’s much debate on whether or not the floor can be sanded and stained to match the old floor. We are still getting a couple of quotes together in order to submit them to State Farm.

I played my gave vs. Texas in mine and George’s Strange Brew College Football League on NCAA Football 2005. In order to have a challenge, I’m not playing Texas, but I’m playing Baylor, which is turning out to be very difficult. I’m currently 2-2 for the season and I was crushed by Texas 34-0, but I felt I held my own because it was only 3-0 with 1:00 left in the half. At half time it was 10-0. I panicked and abandoned my fairly good running game for my non-existing passing game because I felt I was falling behind. I should have held my ground and kept running the ball. Oh well. The first year of our franchise is always a “rebuilding year” for Baylor.

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