The Price of a Dollar

The day started off with Jennifer going to the dentist. She chipped her lower tooth while eating the other day. She chipped the same tooth a could of years ago and she had it bonded. The dentist filed it down this morning, but Jennifer says that it’s still too sensitive. The only other option is to replace the tooth with a crown.

Jennifer called some contractors to take a look at our floor so we can get it all cleaned up. Both contractors are pretty much telling us that it’s not possible to match the old floor and the new floor. We just now have to get a quote from the contractors to turn over to State Farm so that they will give us more money.

My parents have gotten moved into their new house over the past weekend. The new house has a car port instead of a garage and their lawn mower got stolen over night. I guess it’s a house warming gift in reverse.

Today we saw a report on the news about how kids were collecting money to buy phone cards for soldiers over in Iraq. There was a shot of a jar full of dollar bills. When Abby saw it she started to explain to me how Mom uses dollars to get cookies and to let Abby ride on the horses at the mall. It’s interesting how she’s starting to understand how money works. I tried to explain that Dad has to go to work and that they give me dollars which I then turn over to her mother so that she can buy the cookies among other things.

Today’s picture is the twin to the picture of Emily at the airport watching the fountain. It is Abby sitting at the same fountain watching the water. She wasn’t as mesmerized as Emily. Abby starts back to school on Wednesday.

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